Rules and Policies

The Board wants all Swordfish Club members to have a safe and enjoyable summer.  To that end, we are reminding cabana owners and occupants of the following rules and policies that govern Club activities.  The managers are responsible for enforcing these policies:

Cabanas/Bath Cabins

  • From July 1 through Labor Day, members may occupy cabanas and bath cabins until 6:00 pm (5:00 pm at all other times when the Club is open).  During July and August, cabana occupants who stay after 5:00 pm must place their furniture inside and secure the front and rear doors.

  • Members who wish to use the Club "after hours" must obtain the Manager’s approval.  They will be responsible for cleaning up any common area used.  Permission will not be granted to children under 18 unless adults accompany them.

  • All personal property, including toys, should be placed inside the cabana or bath cabin upon your departure each day.

  • White-painted deck areas are for passage so please keep them clear.

  • Towels should not be hung on railings.

  • Keys must be returned to the office daily.  A 25.00 charge will be levied for the loss of a bath cabin key.

  • Owners who want to renovate or paint their cabana or bath cabin must submit detailed plans to the Board for approval.  The Board wants to ensure that load-bearing walls are not removed, building codes are not violated, and Club aesthetics are maintained.

  • The Club does not maintain the interiors of cabanas and bath cabins.  Owners can hire an outside painter or do it themselves.  Club employees can be hired during their time off.

  • Children over 6 years of age are not permitted in the opposite gender bath cabins.

  • There is no ball playing in front of the cabanas on the sand or deck. 

  • The Club cannot be responsible for losses of personal property and valuables. For your convenience, items may be checked at the Office.


  • Warnings by the management and/or lifeguards as to bathing risks must be strictly observed.  No one may enter the pool or ocean unless a lifeguard is on duty.  Ocean swimming is restricted to designated times and the area between the flags.  Use of the ocean or pool when the Club is closed will result in member suspension.

  • Suitable bathing attire is required for members and guests.

  • Playing or swimming in jetty areas is dangerous and prohibited.

  • Eating in the pool area is not permitted.

  • An adult swim hour is scheduled between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm daily. Children under 17 are not permitted in the pool at that time.

  • Only small kick boards or “noodles” are permitted in the pool; "boogie boards" may not be used.

  • Radios are not permitted to be played around the pool area without headsets.

  • Running and games in the pool area or in areas other than the beach are not permitted.

  • After coming off the beach, bathers are encouraged to use the foot bath or shower before entering the pool.


  • A top covering should be worn in the Club cafe.  Members are not permitted to bring their own food into the food service area.  Food may be purchased for cash or charged to a member’s house account.  


  • Before using the Club, all guests must be registered in the Office.  All house rules apply to guests and their conduct is the hosting member’s responsibility.  No guest may come to the Club more than 12 times a season with no more than six visits on weekends and holidays.


  • Damage to Club facilities by members and their guests will be charged to the member.

  • Members have the sole responsibility for the activities and conduct of their children and guests while on the Club premises. Members are expected to control the behavior and noise level of their children and guests as a courtesy to others.

  • Violations of any Club rule may result in suspension or termination of privileges and no charges will be refunded or rescinded.  The Club has the right, at the sole discretion of the Board, to expel or suspend members for conduct that, in its opinion, is detrimental to the Club’s best interests.

  • Club privileges will be denied to members who are delinquent in paying maintenance and/or other charges.  House charges must be paid within 30 days of the billing date.  Charges for late payments will be levied.  Checks returned unpaid for any reason will result in a .00 charge. Repeated returned checks and/or late payments may result in suspension.

  • No smoking anywhere on the club premises.

Games and Running

  • Please restrict ball playing to the beach and courtyard area.  There is no ball playing in front of the cabanas on the sand or deck.

  • Running and games in areas other than the beach and courtyard area are not permitted.

  • Be mindful of other members’ safety.


  • Please restrict ball playing to the beach and courtyard area.  There is no ball playing in front of the cabanas on the sand or deck.

  • Running and games in areas other than the beach and courtyard area are not permitted.

  • Be mindful of other members’ safety.

BBQ and Fire Safety

  • Club-owned Weber kettle grills are available for use by members.  Please reserve them through the Manager.  Personal grills, including propane gas grills, are not permitted on Club premises.

  • The grills must be used with extreme care and should never be used within 10 feet of any wooden decking.  Hot coals should not be buried in the sand.  Grills should be covered after use.

  • Microwaves, toaster ovens, or any small appliance are banned from use in cabanas.

  • No smoking anywhere on the club premises.

Gazebo Guidelines

  1. Members and their guests please communicate with the manager about reserving or using the gazebo well in advance of the intended date.

  2. The gazebo is not available on holiday weekends, during Friday nights café dinners, and club functions.

  3. When reserving the gazebo, it is understood that the whole gazebo and surrounding deck area is also reserved and no other party or gathering in that area will be allowed to take place or at the same time.

  4. Members and their guests using the gazebo and grill(s) must follow the club rules about grill(s).

  5. Members will be allowed to set-up for their party after 6:00pm. Earlier set-up will need to be cleared through the manager.

  6. Members and their guests will be charged a fee for any party over ten(10) people.

  7. Any damage caused to the club during the party is the responsibility of the member.

  8. Any injury occurred is the responsibility of the member. Insurance is required for all parties. A release must be signed before the party to release Swordfish Owners Corporation for any liability.

  9. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

  10. Proper behavior will include the following:
    a. Children need to be supervised. There is a no running policy on any of the wooden decking of the club premises.  Activities should be organized for them on the sand area in front of the gazebo or in the courtyard.
    b. Children will not be allowed to visit the men’s or women’s locker room area or pool area without the supervision of an adult.
    c. Pool use is strictly forbidden after hours.
    d. Members and their guests are asked to respect the other members using the club by not making loud noise. This includes loud music.

  11.  Clean-up of the gazebo and the surrounding area is the responsibility of the member before they leave for the evening. Please leave it in the condition it is found. Additional garbage containers are available.

  12. Use of the gazebo is allowed until 11:00pm. All members and their guests must be off the premises by this time.


  • All parties that use common facilities require prior written approval from the Board. Before the event, a written guest list must be submitted to the Office.  Guests who do not show will not incur any fee.

  • During the day, gazebo reservations are valid for two hours. The gazebo is not available when the Club or café is hosting an event.

  • The parking lot is available for members and guests at their own risk.  The Club is not responsible for loss of personal property or damage to person(s) or property.  Since the lot is often crowded, it is appreciated when members and guests park politely.

  • Before using the tennis court, members must sign in at the Office. Proper attire, including tennis shoes, is required.  The Office controls reservations.  On weekends and holidays, there is a one hour limit.

  • Dogs and other animals are not permitted on the premises.

  • Please put all cell phones in vibrate mode, keep conversations discreet. Cell phone use is permitted in bath cabins, cabanas, parking lot and beach.